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UTVetCE online training videos require Java to play properly and many videos also require Adobe Flash 10+ . Please make sure you have the most recent version of Adobe Flash and that Java is enabled in your browser.

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Browser Support

The following browsers are recommended for viewing these training videos:

  • Internet Explorer 9/10/11
  • Safari (most recent version)
  • Google Chrome (most recent version)

If the videos do not open, please use one of the browsers above. There are known issues with Mozilla Firefox and Opera playing the videos on both PCs and MAC OSX.

Apple iOS mobile devices (iPhone and iPad) and Android devices are now supported natively. If the videos do not play, you can try downloading an app that supports Flash such as:
  • Puffin Browser
  • Photon Browser
  • Skyfire Browser
  • iSwifter Browser

Tips and Tricks

If you are unable to view the video or slides:

  • Refresh your browser window one or more times (click the refresh button at the top of your browser)
  • Hard Refresh: control + F5 or control + shift + r (for macs: command + F5 or command + shift + r)
  • Make sure you have Adobe Flash 10 installed and Java is enabled
  • Try using a different browser
  • If your video starts but does not finish, please view our Video Playback Problems page

If you hear audio, but the video is not visible:

  • Refresh your browser window (you may have to refresh more than once)

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